Let's Talk Broad Spectrum Preservatives

Well, the first question for some is

What is a preservative?

A preservative is a chemical or natural substance added to prevent spoiling of a product.

So, what's a Broad-Spectrum preservative

A Broad-Spectrum preservative covers the spectrum of microbes in every object, including mold, bacteria, and yeast

The shelf life is 9-24 months. Different preservatives can be used alone or combined with others

Any product that contains or comes into contact with water will need a preservative. 

Types of Preservative

  • Paraben 
  • Paraben-free
  • Natural botanical
  • Synthetic

There is a list of different preservatives but the two that we currently use are Optiphen and Liquid Germall Plus. Both preservatives are broad spectrum used to fight against yeast, fungus, bacteria, and mold. 

Because our products contain or may come into contact with water, we choose to use these preservatives to protect from any unforeseen issues. 

Most people confuse antioxidants to be a preservative
An antioxidant is not a Preservative, but it helps extend shelf life by preventing rancidity.

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